MacKeeper Review & Coupon Codes

If you’re like me, you spend large amounts of time on your Mac, and any sign of slowing speed or inefficiency is a real headache.

Mac Keeper Review
Doing this review, I learned what most people don’t realize about their Mac — that there are unnecessary  files and processes and that slow Macs down.

Before moving forward, what about Mackeeper coupon codes? Well currently we don’t have any deals to offer but are always updating our readers as they come in.

Mac Keeper is simple. It’s in all-in-one suite that takes headache out of your Mac.

For our Mac Keeper Review,

we purchased the software (anonymously and with no incentive from the company). We then ran the software on my Macbook Pro.

Here’s our Review of Mac Keeper

First, I downloaded the software.

Download Mac Keeper



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After downloading, I went through the simple installation process. It was as easy as pie and there were no roadblocks, so I won’t go into details.

Next, I opened the Mac Keeper Application and ran a System Scan.

Scanning Your System On MacKeeper

Now, I’m not a computer expert, but I expected that my Mac would come up pretty clean.

As far as I knew, I took care of it well.

I have to admit that the results shocked me…

Our First Scan Report With MacKeeper


The red-on-red makes it difficult to see, but I had 1824 Issues wasting 1.8 Gigabytes of space.

And it’s not just the wasted disk space that’s the concern. It’s apparent, after testing this software, that these issues slow Macs down – BIGTIME.

So I went ahead and clicked the “Fix Issues” button. The program fixed 98 issues for free.

At this time I had to actually buy the software in order to get the other 1700+ issues resolved.

Fortunately, I had a 90% Off Savings for Mac Keeper.

That same deal is available to Software Monkey readers. Click the link above go straight to the discount page.

I’m so glad I was able to purchase this software. Of course, Software Monkey picked up the bill so I could write an honest review, but now having seen the increased speed on my Macbook Pro, I know that this software is an extraordinary value.

My Mac is over 2 years old, and I was already beginning to think about buying a new one since mine was starting to slow down.

But wow, my machine zips with speed that I only remember it having for the first few weeks out of the box.

Here’s the shot of the software after all 1824 Issues have been removed:

Our After-Scan of MacKeeper



My machine is operating faster than it has in years, and that infamous Mac “busy cursor” hasn’t appeared once since I ran Mac Keeper.


Now, I could give you a feature-by-feature breakdown of everything that Mac Keeper includes.

I could do walkthrough of all the different Modules, like how to set up the Internet Security feature, how to enable an Anti-Theft Device for your Mac, how to clean up Binaries, Cache, and Logs, and how to Manage Updates for all of your Applications from one screen.

But I’m not going to do that, as there are plenty of resources, including the links above, where you can learn all about those things.

Our goal at Software Monkey is to review specialized software products, such as Mac Keeper, in an effort to answer one important question:

Is the product worth the cost?

At under 40 bucks for new-computer-out-of-the-box speed on your Mac, and an easy-to-use mad-scientist-like control center for your Mac’s core functions, our answer for Mac Keeper is…

Worth it.


  1. Kathy says:

    Hi. I have tried asking MacKeeper how to get back to this part of the process because I uninstalled the app the first time and I cannot get the system scan on the side bar anymore. I just wanted to fix the issues for those three problems also. When I first saw it it freaked me out and I was wondering how can I fix it.. Please help and thank you for taking your time to read this.

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