Bill4Time Review – In Depth Look at Bill 4 Time, The “Web-Based Time Management Service”

The biggest challenge for organizations is to keep track of effort spent on a project, bill customers and produce documentation for financial audits. The whole process can become challenging for budding organization. On the other side experienced organizations spend considerable resource in building a system for tracking time. Recently I came across bill4time software and was in awe at its features.
When I wanted to explore its features, I saw it was easy to do so because they had multiple packages absolutely free of cost for 30 days.

Immediately after registering, I got an email from sales team with link to access desktop or mobile version. Having a mobile version helps the users to access this software while traveling or when desktop PC is not accessible. I decided to try the desktop version.

Initial Setup
Having accessed multiple billing systems, my biggest concern was on setup. Tight deadlines of work and multiple unfriendly links can sometimes make the timesheet setting up experience a pain. But I found the Bill4time software setup, a hassle free process. With multiple screens such as Company address information, Industry type, graphics, label, date format, Currency etc each Organization can customize this software to look more like a company specific product.
After the initial setup, the next setup is the core setup of this software. Different Screens help in entering the details of number of Users, Projects, Billing, etc. so that you can right away start using the software and bill based on your project type and client.


The first screen once you complete the Initial Setup is the Dashboard Screen. This gives you a quick snap shot of the time entered based on date, the Recent Project that were added etc. Apart from this, the booked weekly billable hours can be also viewed on the dashboard screen.

From the dashboard Screen, you can click on ‘Add Expenses’ button to add any expenses done as part of the project. With click of mouse, you can easily enter the data and also add copy of the receipt.

Booking your time for the work done on different projects can be done easily by clicking the ‘Add Time’ button. All the fields are quite easily filled. In order to help your timesheet filling experience be a pleasure, you can replicate your tasks for other days if you choose. As I was trying the different features of entering time, I felt the developers of software have though a lot and provided features to help save productive time.

Once you have entered your time over here, you can always review your time based on week by going to ‘Time/Expenses’ tab. From the drop down select the week and then select the day of Week of which you wish to review the time

For people who have less patience, there is another alternative to book time. The timesheet can be entered via batch.

One suggestion that I would have for Bill4time developers is that if they can provide a feature to import time saved in excel or notepad, then this will be a super duper tool.

Similar to Initial Setup, it is also possible to Add New Clients and projects using the Clients and Project tab respectively without many issues.

Apart from so many features, one additional feature similar to the reminder is the Scheduler feature. You can schedule meetings and invite users to it. You can also convert your scheduler meeting to a time entry.
With so many convenient features, Bill4time is a handy tool for any organizations.

While the users enter the time based on the amount of time they worked on a project, it becomes difficult when you wish to analyze this effort monthly, quarterly or yearly etc. The report function helps in creating wide variety of reports that will help your business and show cumulative effort. Reports can help in checking number of hours worked on a particular project between two dates, check pending money owned by client etc.

These reports can have multiple purposes for different stakeholders. For example the Project Manager might be interested in seeing how much he is spending on each of his resources versus how much money is coming in. In another instance, the Account Manager might be interested in checking how many times the invoices have been sent to Clients. All such reports and multiple other reports are available at the click of the mouse. Once you click on the generate button and enter relevant data, you can either print the report or export it in excel or pdf format.

Once the contract is signed, work is done, and client signoff is given, it is also important to ensure that any money that was agreed upon is paid. Also any adjustments after the initial contract was signed also need to be keep tracked and followed. In order to avoid the headache of chasing clients for money with improper amount, it is important to keep track of money. Keeping track of any payments received and seeing the payment history is done in the accounting module.

Bill4Time is ideal software for organizations or freelancers that want a stress-free way to manage time, whether billable or non-billable. This software really makes it easy to get your accounting and billing on track fast.

Is It Worth It?

For most organizations whose requirements for managing time are quite simple (Billing, Invoicing, Auditing, etc.), Bill4time is ideal. Power-packed and full of easy-to-use features, and having flexible packages available, this product is definitely worth the cost.

Worth It.


  1. Diana Unay says:

    Thanks for the awesome review and feedback! We’ll add your request to our enhancements list. Currently the software doesn’t allow users to automatically import their time from excel files but some customers have sent their timesheets over and we’re more than happy to import it for them in the meantime.

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