Best Online Backup Sources To Protect Your Data – A Comprehensive Review

Let’s Review the Best Online Backup Sources

A popular old saying goes something like this: “The difference between a regular person and a wise man is the latter’s ability to learn from others mistakes!” One can’t agree more in today’s world of information technology where 1000’s of complaints are registered online each day about someone that lost all their data. Why do people lose data everyday but the rest don’t learn from their mistakes? The old proverb explains the reason.

If you are a working professional or a businessman, it’s high time to consider backup sources to protect your data. Copying your data from your laptop to an external hard disc is a great thing but to ensure the best protection, you need to look for online backup sources. According to PC Magazine, Online Data Backup is Disaster Proof but is it an outrageous claim, especially when you read this along the lines of news about the Federal busting of Megaupload?

Online Backup – Superstition vs. Realistic Assumptions

How many of us take a large life insurance policy foreseeing that we may die all of a sudden? Positive thinking is great provided that you are using this part of your brain the right way or else, positive thinking can be seriously damaging. Most of us are comfortable with the idea of storing our important data to a hard disc or DVDs and forgetting about it but the big picture is not clear here.

What if you meet with a car accident while travelling with the backup data? What will happen to your data in the event of natural disasters or burglary? These things are unlikely to happen but what if your worst nightmare becomes a reality? You need to look at an alternative source to protect your data, something that even Hurricane Katrina can’t destroy!

We are talking about something as mighty as online data backup solutions that store your data in their secure servers and can be accessed from anywhere in the world whenever you need. Online backup sources are usually paid services but, as you’ll learn, there are free ones too.

An Introduction to Free Online Backup Sources 

There are two types of free online backup sources. The first are backup sources that come with platforms like Windows Live Mesh and iCloud. The others are programs for online backup, some free and some paid.

Free data backup systems, have one thing in common: they all come with limited storage facility. The max we’ve seen for free online storage programs is 25GB, but the average is more like 2-5 GB.


Dropbox is one of the most popular online data backup facilities and starts with a free account where you can store up to 2GB of data. If your important data is mostly documents and emails, 2GB space will be sufficient and the good thing with Dropbox is their multiple paid accounts with different options. This allows users to upgrade their membership whenever they desire. You can create a folder in the Cloud and synchronize your mobiles and tablets with your PC.


i-Drive offers 5 GB of free storage space and you can restore up to last 30 versions of your files if needed and the compressed backup facility helps you to store more data within the allotted space.


Mozy is also a paid service that comes with a free account for beginners. The free account can store up to 2GB of data, schedule backup and data encryption. Mozy is definitley worth a shot with this trial offer.


Things To Consider With Free Cloud Storage Services

Dropbox, Mozy etc are established players in online backup, but there are many newcomers in the market that offer unbelievable amount of storage space for free. A very good example is Mega Cloud, which offers 512GB of online data backup for free. These are promotional strategies and it is difficult to foresee how many of them will survive after a while. If you decide to store massive amount of data on a free service that can withhold their services anytime, you are taking a great risk because it’s not always possible to find enough backup solutions even if they give you an advanced notice.


Paid Online Backup Sources That Worth A Try

Paid backup sources invest a sizeable amount of money on servers, data encryption programs and other data protection systems. This is why most of them don’t offer a free account except for a trial period and the only notable exceptions are Dropbox and Mozy. A paid online backup source is the best choice for you to store several GBs of data without ever worrying about it getting exposed or lost.


SugarSync has both paid and free online data backup, and their paid service that offers 100GB data storage for just $14.99 a month is their most popular plan. Once you install the client software on your system, you are all set to use SugarSync and the file synchronization feature can sync to any folder. Even better, the program works with both Mac and PC.


Although CrashPlan offers free onsite and offsite backup, their remote backup services are strictly paid with the available storage facility ranging from 10GB to unlimited. With continuous backup, your changes are also backed up and the advanced business solution can protects up to 200 computers. CrashPlan works with Linux, Windows and Mac.

Jungle Disk

The fee structure of Jungle Disk may not be everyone’s taste, aside from those who need minimal space. However, for advanced protection of a data protection service, Jungle Disk is the answer. The service starts at $2 a month, and this option is great for users that have only a small amount of data to store but need features offered by remote storage facilities.


Although JustCloud don’t have a free membership plan, it offers a trial period and you can update to unlimited online backup with just $4.95 a month. Just Cloud is a lucrative option but it doesn’t offer continuous backup facility. As of now, a bandwidth limit is not implemented but chances are that they will as the number of subscriptions goes up.


With Carbonite they have an annual membership plan of $54.95 a year that works out to be $4.58 a month. They don’t have a free account but you get unlimited storage facility with their paid account and the block level incremental backup means that the backup process is really fast.

It is important to note that backup services that offer unlimited storage doesn’t offer a hard copy of your data so uploading huge amount of data means long download times.


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