About Us

Software Monkey is a site that reviews niche software products.

We’re different than most review sites out there. We don’t write propaganda reviews or rearrangements of the content you can find on a product’s sales page.

We have industry professionals review software similar to types they use on a regular basis in their work. They dive into the product and evaluate the true value of its function to the end user.

Some of our writers are Internet Marketers, Programmers, Software Engineers, Web Developers, and other Industry Professionals.

Our writers are paid to write honest reviews that reflect the true value of the product in question. They’re set with a mission to answer the all important question: is the product worth the cost?

The writers are paid to be completely honest, even when it means that products receive less than favorable reviews.

That’s what sets us apart. If you’re looking for honest software reviews, this is the place.

On some of our reviews, we have affiliate links that pay us commission. That’s how we fund the site and recoup review costs.

We believe we add tremendous value to our readers’ buying experience.

We’re always open to suggestions and review invitations. Email us at info (at) softwaremonkey.com if you have proposals, requests, or comments.